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Asteroide B612
L’amicizia moltiplica le gioie e divide le angosce a metà.

Friendship redoubleth joys, and cutteth griefs in half.

- Francis Bacon.

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Q: You shouldn't repost other people's gifs or pictures find your own fucking source

Excuse me but what are you talking about? I post photos that i take from my pc archive which has photos found on the web over time. I rarely repost other people’s gifs or pictures, but if it happens i always quote the source! ( like http://frannyb612.tumblr.com/post/62414867351 )

asked by Anonimo
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I wake up in the morning, put on my face, the one that’s gonna get me through another day.

/Naked; Avril Lavigne.

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Non lo so chi sono.
Io e il mio gatto siamo due randagi senza nome, che non appartengono a nessuno e a cui nessuno appartiene: ecco qual è la verità.

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I will love you, unconditionally.
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